Joanne Osband
Watercolor Creations

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Beautiful work Joanne! 'Can't wait for the showing at your home!!
J Colwell - 28 Nov 2018
Your works are fascinating. This one, transitions, is open yet intriguing.
Syam Chandra - 27 Jan 2012
"Mandala in Aspens" is just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. You inspire me.
Lee Ann Sporn - 15 Jan 2012
What a beautiful collection of water color! Your style is very soft & relaxed yet vivid with life!! I absolutely love your "Coloring Out of the Lines" site...... thank you for sharing! Wendy from Northern Canada
Wendy - 30 Jun 2011
I'm happy you found my mandala site because now I found you and your beautiful, gorgeous art and mandalas!!! I am so enjoying my mandala journey as you well know how that is. Thanks for your visit.
Teri Casper - 24 Apr 2011
Joanne, Your work just keeps getting better and better. Looking at your new work is kind of like a good stiff cocktail. It puts me in a very serene and relaxed place. GOOD JOB! The IRIS series is SO real. Very nice. Hope all is well. Keep up the good work! Fondly, Ron Case P.S. We still get a daily dose of your art in OUR house every day and it is such a pleasure.
Ron Case - 14 Jan 2011
Joanne, Your watercolors are beautiful! Your work is an inspiration. Margi
Margi - 14 Jan 2011
Hi Joanne, are you back from Greece yet ? It was lovely to meet you in Antiparos on that crazy boat trip, and later at Yorgis and Shipwreck. Just looked at your site and your pictures are amazing, truly beautiful. Will look forward to spending more time to look at them. I think you should arrange an exhibition in London ! Sue x
Sue Brewer - 28 Sep 2010
It was my delight to meet you and your best friend JKrogh Colwell, at the farmers market in Olympia. I believe it was last week....hmmm? Your card has been looking at me from my desk ever since. Those 2 cards remind me of how two beautiful ladies spoke beauty into my life that day.I see smiles blended into words and your works of inspiration. Thank you. As for your gallery I am viewing tonight...wonderful! I feel honored to have met you both. May your work bless the lives of people who are parched for even the dew drop that awakens in our souls each morning! Should I see you again,it would be a pleasure. If not, I am encouraged to go forward into an expression that has been whispering my name for decades. May God bless you and smile upon you. Becky Hamack
Becky Hamack - 28 Aug 2010
I love your watercolors - beautiful work!
Rachel - 27 Jun 2010
Joanne this is my favorite site - I love the flower pictures the most - especially my Iris'
Shellie Haisch - 25 May 2010
I have fallen in love with your work Joann! It is truly amazing and exquisite. Thanks so much for sharing it. I am also an artist working primarily with mandalas and aspire to becoming an art therapist someday! I already teach classes and thoroughly enjoy it. Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed. God bless you Starr
Nancy Starr Martin-Head - 2 Apr 2010
Beautiful work Joanne. I especially LOVE the works from Italy - that one on the screen when I open it is gorgeous! Loriann
Loriann - 7 Mar 2010
Dear Joanne, What an excellent website. your work is inspiring! Thanks for letting me interview you last week. Ken
Ken Rothman - 24 Nov 2009
beautiful work I am an artist in Prince Edward Island.Canada and I have just facilitated a workshop on designing and painting Mandala. Lovely and Thanks Lorraine
lorrainemquinn - 20 Oct 2009
Hello, I came across your webpage rather by chance when looking for images of mandalas. I really enjoy your work and want to thank you for sharing it with the world. Your unique point of view speaks to me.
Heidi West - 12 Sep 2009
I love love love this art work [Cinque Terre]. I believe I saw it on the wall of your home. The image kind of "haunts" me and I realize I need it! Kathy
Kathy Brooks - 30 Jun 2009
Cool site.
Rob Miller - 26 Jun 2009
Joanne, I love your paintings, they take me back to that fantastic week at Isla. I hope to see you again on a future journey.
Betsy Hackbarth - 4 Jun 2009
Joanne, it is a pleasure knowing about the painting inspired here at sanoviv...Hope that your doing pretty great, and just stop by to say hello.. Take care
Danny - 21 Mar 2009
I applaud your talent and life's work.
Felicia - 16 Mar 2009
Thanx for putting your work up where all can enjoy. I enjoyed the tour :-)
Alicia - 7 Mar 2009
What a great idea to make collages from old paintings! I'll be trying that soon - Thank you! And I love, love, love your crayon painting on your homepage.
Melissa Thornburg Rocha - 28 Feb 2009
This is a very interesting website, I have added it in my favourites. Keep up the good work. DOTA
Adamina - 5 Jan 2009
Your art touches my heart. Thank you so much for sharing. Sending you good vibes. Koah
Koah - 9 Nov 2008
Love your vibrant colors, dear friend. Your work is a visual joy to heart and mind, I just want to stay in your wonderland.
Jeane Lavagnino - 10 Oct 2008
Thank you for the invitation. I really admire your work. Stan
Stanley Artus-Cooper - 22 Sep 2008
Joanne...beautiful and inspiring! I love your sensitivity and vision!!!
Kim Lincoln/AKA Cheri Dale, Comfort Care Therapist/Reiki, etc. - 16 Apr 2008
It was great to talk to you too! Did you do your own website? I'm about to learn how to do this too. Great new wrok. I sure love your rock art! Happy Birthday again. Love, Adele
Adele Sommer - 24 Oct 2007
We have Joanne Osband paintings (originals) or prints on practically every wall in our home. Her work is an absolute delight and puts us in a frame of mind not unlike a great piece of music or a superb glass of vintage wine. Entrance room, family room, office and eating areas are graced with this lovely and inspiring work! On another level, Joanne was kind enough to loan us a large selection of her paintings for our office space. It is rare that one of our clients does not make some sort of an "ooh and ahh" over the paintings. What a delight to be surrounded by color and images of peace and tranquility on a daily basis! Thank you, thank you!, thank you! Our lives are truly blessed!
Ron and Leslie Case - 19 Aug 2007
Joanne, you are very talented. I can see your growth from the earlier to your newer paintings. I am thoroughly impressed with anyone who can work with watercolor! Your flowers are more realistic than Monet or Vangogh, but the Mandalas and collages, wow! I loved the leaves and trees too. The study of the kids at the beach is adorable. Your soft palette reminds me of the old well-done Disney backgrounds. I was really struck with Fall Leaves, I believe that's the leaves on the striking blue water foreground. Thank you so much for passing on your link to me. I would be interested in prices as well. Dawn
Dawn M. Wilson - 25 Jul 2007
Don Cohen - 22 Jul 2007
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